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Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

In Australia on average 110 people die from Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) every year.

I’m participating in Darkness to Daylight (D2D) - a 110km run - where each kilometre represents one of those lives lost. It’s a long distance, it’s physically and mentally demanding but knowing the funds raised go towards DFV prevention makes it all worth it.

I would very much appreciate your support because together we can end domestic and family violence.


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Tuesday 31st May

Unfortunately, due to the predicted high winds, organisers of today’s event were left with no choice but to postpone the event until 28 June.

The good news is that the event will still take place, allowing much-needed financial support and awareness to continue to occur over the next four weeks.

I’m really motivated to reach my fundraising target of at least $2000, and I really appreciate the support that everybody has shown so far.

Please reach out to your friends and family create discussions around domestic and family violence, and that we all need to be active bystanders. 

While you’re having those discussions, mention to them how valuable their support both emotional and financial, can be to victims of domestic violence.

Send them in the direction of this page if they also want to contribute financially to assist victims of domestic and family violence, not to mention they also go in the running for their chance to be gifted the signed Broncos jersey.

Once again I think everyone for their support and look forward to completing the final event on 28 June. 

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Tuesday 10th May
Hi everyone, and thank you to all of the wonderful supports of both me, and the Darkness to Daylight DV challenge. 

So for those who don’t know, if you make a donation through my fundraising page, of $10 (and for every $10 thereafter) you will receive a lucky number between 1-400. Ain the 31st May I will conduct a random number generator and someone will be gifted  a signed Broncos jersey (2013). 

I will post a photo of the item. 

Please get behind this great conversation starter and be the voice for those experiencing Domestic & Family Violence. 

Thanks again for your continued support. 


Thank you to my Sponsors




Matt Herring




Peter Herring

Well done Matt. We cant wait for someone else to fix this. We are someone else....


Jason Herring

110 is too many , lives not KM or$


Jcee Bull

Good Work Matt


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Good work Matty


Margie Armstrong

Good Work Matty


Heidi Elliott


John Daniel


Ben Page

Great cause Matt


Kirsty Schmidt


Peter Thew

Good luck with your walk


Nick Shaw

Great initiative and contribution Matt👍


Matt Dux

Great work Matt good luck going the distance


Renee Van Den Heuvel


Sue Newton

Good luck hope you get to the finish line


Renita Olsen

Awesome work


Carren Stapleton

Doing a great thing Matty!


Caitlin Thwaites

Great work thank you 😊


Jason Newton

Great work Matty!! 👊


Sam Jewell


Virginia Nelson


Tyler Eldridge




Lisa Scully

Great work Matt on all your efforts






The Woman Whisperer ;-)

Best of luck mate


Jen Jen Suosaari

Awesome work Matt!


Chris Hobbs

Can I have numbers 60 and 27 please. If not available just give me a random number.


Christine Keen


Peter Grant

Great cause Matt and fantastic effort. Well done


Aleisha Rose


Dj Robertson

Awesome work!


Matt Long



William Wai-kwong Fan


Paul Sanderson

Any 2 numbers are fine.


Lisa Damman

Awesome work Matt


Richard Burgess




Karen Watson

Big thumbs up


Pottsy Ryan

On ya brother - from Pottsy




Mark Williams

No.s 17 and 67 thanks mate. Love your work Matty🍻


Leonie Daly


Sean White


Dale Frieberg


Martin Flannery

It's a grand thing that you are doing Matt. Hope you reach the target.


Jess Fortune

Great job mate!


Alison Van Blommestein

Good on you! Thank you for caring!


Paul James


Vanessa Campbell

Great cause!


Ira Nordstrom


Shaun Wilson


Adrian Rieck

Good stuff mate.


Alex Chai

Number 71


Alex Chai

Number 98


Stuart Rawlins

Good work buddy . Stu Rawlins (Ex-Det Sgt 10909R)


Carolyn Richards


Tom Dawson


Alicia Mckeering

Awesome work Matt!!!


Theresa Downey


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Steve Newland


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Great work Matt with your efforts...


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