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Another morning, another run!

Today I was up before my alarm and to be honest I hesitated for about 5 seconds and closed my eyes again..then I remembered what I’m committed for and why I’m doing this run.
It's not just running for the sake of running. I am contributing, making a difference and as a team, we have a goal to reach and a purpose - to run with a message that those affected are not alone, that our community cares, that we can all make a difference, that DFV has to end.
Holding myself accountable for the cause, gives me the drive to step outside of those good old excuses..

Let's get this clear, I do stumble and fall into giving in to excuses - it's called being human and not a robot!

What do I do? Wake up the next morning and start again..thank goodness for mornings I get to have a fresh start every day and begin again.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin

Thank you for your generosity and your support.

I have a story to tell as we all have. It is uncomfortable, it is not easy and most things in life worth pursuing and sharing takes guts, embracing the uncertainty and being okay to fall flat on my face, stand up, learn, and move on. This is my life.

Note: In case you're unable to open the link from your work computer, you can open via your personal phone/iPad/ laptop.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

Every 1km in the 110km challenge represents on average a woman, child or man's life lost to Domestic and Family Violence. Together we are running through the night to bring Domestic and Family Violence out of the Darkness and into the Daylight.

With your support we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Domestic and Family Violence, and help end the cycle of violence.

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Privilege to support you in this great cause.


Bernie Casper

Go Go girl! This is such a great cause and close to my heart. Run for me and I will run with you as you towards the finish line.


Roy Cahill

Way to go girl! You’re always an inspiration


Maricar Pedrosa-ajero



Go for it


Robert Romer


Matthew Clifford-jones

All the best Maricar!



Good luck with the run for a cause Maricar! I’m sure you will smash it👍👋😍



Good luck Maricar!



Great work Maricar, happy to support you for such a good cause. Unfortunately, I could not watch the video but please fill me in if you are happy to when we next talk. Lysa


Nina Pedrosa

Proud of you mum


Ben Morriss

Maricar, Great cause and keep up the good work. Best of luck!


Margarita Silva



Well done Maricar!


Friel Lj

Keep it up!


Joy Co

Good luck