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Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

In Australia on average 110 people die from Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) every year.

I’m participating in Darkness to Daylight (D2D) - a 110km run - where each kilometre represents one of those lives lost. It’s a long distance, it’s physically and mentally demanding but knowing the funds raised go towards DFV prevention makes it all worth it.

I would very much appreciate your support because together we can end domestic and family violence.

My Updates

100k in 4 days

Wednesday 14th Apr
Alright time to get serious folks 

In less than 3 weeks, over 4 days 30/4 to 3/5 I will be completing a 100km run for this amazing charity event
Days 1&4 will be approximately 16km each 
Day 2, 36km from esk to lowood 
Day 3, 31km from lowood to wulkuraka

I’ll be running days 2&3 on the brisbane valley rail rail to mix it up a bit.

I need you to donate friends and family!
The money isn’t for me, it’s for charity! It’s tax deductible and folks if you’ve never known someone in a DFV (domestic and family violence) situation think yourself lucky.

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate 
It affects men, women, children, grandparents
It’s emotional, verbal, physical, financial and psychological abuse

Victims or abusers can be people you are friends or associate with you mightn’t even realise

I’m asking you to consider donating the equivalent of a cup of coffee


I know there’s so many charities out there and everyone has their thing. Respect ✊ 
But if you can, please support me, support this amazing cause and also put myself in a very uncomfortable situation, that could only resemble the slightest feelings of pain and suffering, experienced by victims of abuse. 


If you meet me on the Monday when I’ve finished, I’ll even shout you a beer to say thankyou, effectively costing you nothing.

Thank you my friends 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Chris Guy Photography

So proud of you!!


Michele & Michael Roberts

$1 for every km! What a wonderful thing to do xx Super proud of you lovely! Love Mich, Mick, Ollie & Molly!


Simon Hayes


Debra Guy


Nicci Vinson

Such a superstar! I'm not around that weekend but let's catch up to celebrate your achievement another time 🙂


Amy Beetham


Shayne Guy

Good luck


Orli Henig

You are amazing Laurie.


Kellee Ives

You got this xx


Shiralee Bielenberg

Go girl!


Ngaere Whyte


Zeb Briggs


Belinda Bayliss

As always, you are a powerhouse of inspiration. Luv your work Boss chick xoxox




Rebecca Vince


Totalfit Ipswich



Kim Davies



You go girl!



Thanks for running for a very worthy cause


Andrea Rudd

Good on you Laurie!