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My target 110 kms

120kms done

During this challenge, I’ve walked the beautiful Botanical Gardens with work friends and found Elephant Apples, risen at ridiculous o’clock to fit in a walk before the day starts, walked on a treadmill at my gym in Brisbane whilst my friend’s band in the UK livestreamed their studio practice (thanks Eastwood!), and rediscovered Tears for Fears on Radio 2 whilst running badly around the streets of Brisbane.

And I’ve completed 120kms or 74.5 miles to date.

Here's a pic of from South Bank in Brisbane on one of my early morning walks. Thanks for your support!

Halfway mark - 55kms

According to my step counting app and Strava, I've made it to the halfway mark so 55kms completed.

Every km run or walked is symbolic of a life lost on average in Australia, each year to domestic and family abuse.  Every step does indeed count. 

Today my feet and muscles are sore, so it's a rest day and I'll be back on the treadmill or the streets again soon.

Here's a pic of the beautiful Jacaranda trees blossoming in my local park - spring has sprung. Thanks for your support!

Thanks for visiting my page for the Darkness to Daylight challenge

Hi there, I'm participating in the Darkness to Daylight challenge to walk or run 110kms during October 2020. 

Every 1km in the 110km challenge represents on average a woman, child, or man's life lost to Domestic and Family Violence. 

Together we can raise awareness and make a difference to help end the cycle of violence. If you can, please show your support.

Every step counts!

(I may even post a photo or two of me running badly)

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