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Watch our video and learn the true value of Darkness to Daylight to a survivor of domestic and family violence.

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Sonja Robinson

So happy for your support, thank you! Let’s band together to make a differential across states and Australia DDV has no boundaries

Hollie Hughes

I am proud to be participating in this years Darkness to Daylight challenge as it is supporting a cause close to my heart and is extremely important!

For all the victims, no matter how they identify. There is no place for Domestic Violence in our communities. Everybody deserves their home to be their safe haven xxx


We need to talk more openly about DFV, it shouldn't be a conversation that is spoken about behind closed doors when no one is listening or only after hearing on the news of another DFV death. I have had family and friends affected by this silent epidemic and it's no okay, everyone deserves to feel safe. So I walk/run in the month of October proudly to raise awareness and bring DFV out of the darkness and into the daylight!

Sadly everyone does have a story. I have many family members and friends who have been subjected to domestic and family violence and have been myself. We need to stand up and work together on this, to break this cycle. We need to show meaningful support and teach people better ways of being in the world.

Jo Withford

I am participating in Darkness to Daylight because every human being deserves to live in a world where they have the opportunity to thrive, be loved and respected and live free of violence.


It's an opportunity to walk in solidarity for awareness and change. I know a number of people directly and directly who have been impacted by domestic and family violence and we have an opportunity to stand with them and also send a message that it is not OK.

This is my way of showing my support to the families of victims of domestic violence.

Sal Maina

In previous years I have seen messages through work emails about domestic violence but never really paid attention. At the beginning of this year there was tragic news of one of our staff members who lost their lives through DV and that really hit me hard. Knowing that DV can affect someone close to you as some of you may say, 'it is not just numbers, these are people in our community'. Through this platform, I can gather courage to initiate discussion with my colleagues about DV without shame or fear. Even amongst friends, I would like to encourage conversations. DV comes in various degrees and sadly, it is the tragic ones that we get to know about. I just want to take part in support/solidarity of anyone going through any form of domestic and family violence.

Adrian Hanks

Because it feels like the right thing to do. Standing, running, speaking out.


I am joining ro remind myself to move forward, being abused doesn’t have to be a life sentence. I take strength from being better than what I experienced, I take strength from being part of a team that strives to educate, support and stop domestic and family violence.

Victoria Herrmann

My tribute is to the beautiful Baxter family and the incredible Hannah Baxter.

David Murrin

Joining in D2D both virtually and as part of a team means two things to me. It reminds me that it is only TOGETHER that we will effectively create a world where violence becomes never an answer - as a team! Virtually undertaking the challenge means there is so much more ground and places that become sacred due to every single person's efforts.


As a male victim and survivor of domestic and family violence (DFV), knowing many male victims (including my two sons) who are not supported by appropriate services for male victims, often prevented from speaking out about it or believed, it is important that DFV is recognised as a problem only of itself, for any person, regardless of gender. #ENDALLDV.

George Theo

No-one should have to live with domestic and family violence, we must all come together to put a STOP to this practice by providing ongoing education and support.


1 year ago I left an abusive relationship of 14 years. I am joining Darkness to Daylight event with the hope that I can help contribute to the fight against domestic abuse. I am walking for myself, my daughter, my son and every other victim of abuse.


I am joining the challenge to be part of the change. . We can stop the pattern by supporting our community.


In 2002, unfortunately I lost my cousin to domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband, so the prevention of domestic violence is very important to me. Unfortunately her story is replicated far too often. With your support we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Domestic and Family Violence, and help end the cycle of violence. So in Petrina’s memory, I have decided to join Queensland Rail’s team in this year’s Darkness to Daylight Challenge Event

Laura Edwards

I am accepting this challenge for Hannah Clarke and her 3 beautiful children, although I didn't know them personally from what I see Hannah was an amazing mother and so fit.


I love that we can all come together as a community to raise awareness that domestic and family violence has to end and that we can help support those affected in anyway we can. This year more than ever is important due to people being forced to stay home. I am running for my son and daughter so they can hopefully live in a future where it doesn’t exists.


I am joining in the Darkness to Daylight event with the hope that in a small way I can tribute to helping in the fight against domestic abuse. I found the event last year was very inspiring and I am sure that the funds raised by all the competitors will have been much appreciated to aid this very worthwhile cause.

Donna Harvey

Everyone has the right to feel safe and supported. D2D is an opportunity to raise further awareness about DFV, to help strengthen support in the community and workplace, and to build a culture of respect and gender equity for men, women and children alike.


Darkness to Daylight is an opportunity for me to participate and take action to raise awareness about Domestic and Family Violence. I want my grandchildren to grow up in a world free from violence.


I want my 2 young boys to live in a world where DFV is no longer an issue. Coming together as a community to raise awareness that DFV has to end, that we care, and that we are here to support those affected is so important. I am running for my boys and their future.


This is an amazing event to be part of !


I've joined the Darkness to Daylight Challenge because it's a great way of bringing out into the open the issue of domestic and family violence. Its a community problem and by the community being involved in promoting awareness and making it more open conversations, it just helps people build their understanding and recognition of it and work towards solutions


I am a woman, a mother and stepmother, a sister, a daughter and a friend. I am also a survivor. Sharing our stories and experiences with DFV is an important way to reduce stigma and raise awareness of this prevalent issue. Together we can all contribute to zero incidences of DFV.

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