Frequently-asked Questions

Darkness to Daylight 

What is Darkness to Daylight?

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In Australia on average 110 people die from domestic and family violence (DFV) every year.

Darkness to Daylight (D2D) is a 110km run where each kilometre represents one of those lives
lost. It’s a long distance. It’s hard physically and mentally and to get through it, participants
often join together to run and walk in teams to support each other.

We don’t mind if you run or walk, if you complete 3km or 110km. We just ask that you run with a purpose, that you join us in standing up to domestic and family violence.

When we run, a candle lights the way - a symbol of hope to pass onto those who need it most. Our candles let those experiencing DFV know that they are not alone and we will not stop until DFV does.

What is domestic and family violence?

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Domestic and family violence is defined as one person in a current or former relationship
using violence and abuse to exercise or maintain power and control over another person.
This can include:

  • physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, psychological, or financial abuse
  • threatening and coercive behaviour aimed at controlling or dominating the other person through fear.

Domestic violence can occur in any relationship including current or former partners, spouses,
carers or paid support workers, parents, guardians, adult children, and adolescents. We know domestic and family violence does not discriminate and it can happen to anyone regardless of their religion, culture, social background, gender identity or sexuality.

How can I raise awareness abut domestic and family violence?

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  1. Talk about the issue and what domestic and family violence is. You can share what abusive behaviours look like and call it out when you see it.
  2. Take part in Darkness to Daylight!
  3. Connect with Challenge DV and Darkness to Daylight on social media and share posts on your social media networks, and let people know why you are doing Darkness to Daylight. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. You don’t need to be an expert. If you or someone you know is impacted by, support services are available.

How can I take part in Darkness to Daylight 2023?

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Step 1: Register to participate in Darkness to Daylight and set up your fundraising page. Join the Darkness to Daylight challenge facebook group to ensure you stay up to date.

Step 2: Start a conversation. Darkness to Daylight is all about bringing domestic and family violence out of the Darkness and into the Daylight. You can do this by joining the Facebook group, talking to your family and friends and asking them to support you in Darkness to Daylight, promoting Darkness to Daylight on your social channels.

Step 3: Share your journey and the number of kilometers you have completed. Share your fundraising page with your network, friends and family. We have made it easier by providing you with templates. Share your journey with us so our community can be inspired by your support!

Why raise funds?

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The money raised from both the virtual and live Darkness to Daylight challenges will equip Challenge DV to build valuable community partnerships between the business sector and frontline domestic violence services as well as develop new tools and resources to assist workplaces with tailored training specific to their sector and industry.

Help us make a impact. Share with your colleagues, friends and family the massive challenge you are taking on and raise not only awareness but also funds. Ensure you tell everyone what you are doing and have them support you along the way. Also, don’t forget to share your page with everyone you know.

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How much does it cost to register?

It costs $55.00 per person for early registrations for Darkness to Daylight 2023. You will receive a 10th anniversary registration kit that includes a Darkness to Daylight cap, reflective armband and bright shoelaces.