Handbag brooch - Red


Our ever popular handbag brooches are now available online. Available in pearl or red, our brooches are the perfect addition to your outfit while support the prevention of domestic and family violence.

Our handbag brooch represents that often when a woman flees a violent relationship, she may only have time to take her handbag. A woman fleeing a violent relationship is more than just a
handbag. She is a person and she is valued. Her children are valued too. She needs more support than just a handbag. She needs shelter, food, emotional support, legal support, advocacy, protection and a safe place to call home.

By purchasing a handbag brooch you are supporting us to continue our work to end domestic and family violence. 

Shipping is included in the price and will be approx 5-7 business days, but may experience some delays due to COVID-19. Shipping within Australia only. Orders are processed weekly on a Thursday.