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Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

In Australia on average 110 people die from Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) every year.

I’m participating in Darkness to Daylight (D2D) - a 110km run - where each kilometre represents one of those lives lost. It’s a long distance, it’s physically and mentally demanding but knowing the funds raised go towards DFV prevention makes it all worth it.

I would very much appreciate your support because together we can end domestic and family violence.


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11.5km Down to kick of Darkness to Daylight

Tuesday 2nd May
Friends & Family, I am participating in Challenge DV’s Darkness to Daylight 2023 event. 

This year I will be doing a virtual 110km throughout the month of May (Domestic and family violence prevention month) as well as participating in a team overnight event. 

I kicked this years virtual off with a 11.5km run to Wello Point! 

In Australia on average 110 people die from domestic and family violence every year. Every km that I run respresents one of those lives lost.

D2D is about making a stand, helping to drive awareness and intervention, and raise funds to help prevention. 

Whilst I am seeking donations to help go towards the prevention of domestic and family violence, I fully acknowledge the stressful times we currently live in, especially with the costs of living, and hold no expectations or pressure on anyone. 

Those still wishing to donate can do so via my fundraising page:

Thank you to my Sponsors



Proud of you love the Ski Fam x


Rory Kilpatrick

Great initiative Tony!!!! Keep up the Kms :)


Carol Fitzgerald

So proud, well done Tony. Love Mum❤️🥰


Lisa Taylor

Go Tonsta, great cause and your pouch has GONE!!!!


Desi Kuzmanovic



The Everitts

Massive Effort Tony! 👏👏 Cheering you on 🤍 The Everitts


Monica Harley

Great work Tony!


Tony Gorry


Trish Q



Tom Lyons



Go get em Tiger



Great work tony

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