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Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

Every 1km in the 110km challenge represents on average a woman, child or man's life lost to Domestic and Family Violence. Together we are running through the night to bring Domestic and Family Violence out of the Darkness and into the Daylight.

With your support we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Domestic and Family Violence, and help end the cycle of violence.

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Leela Avadhanula

Wishing you best of luck. I am sure u can do it.👍👏👏👏


Larry And Michelle


Pavan Guntur

Good onya Partha .. All the best


Prasad Challa

Good luck


Anurag Vijaywat

Good on you Partha, best wishes! Please take good care. Regards, Anurag


Aditya Anupindi

Good luck and congrats on taking a great initiative for a great cause.


Suresh Ajjarapu

Hi Partha, All the best and good luck with your walk.



Keep up the good work!


Prem Rasineni

Great work


Vamshi Jidige


Srikanth Abburi

All the best Partha!! Great cause.


Nikhil Susarla


Partha Susarla


Srinagesh Poduri

Hi Partha . Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be in your efforts for a good cause. All the best.


Adam Wassef

An outstanding initiative, well done Partha!


Raju Dharani

Great cause Partha!!


Glen Babington

A great cause Partha!


Sanjiv Sawhney

Well done Partha


Kylie Crouch

All the best for the challenge Partha, great job!



Its a great cause!!!


Charan Valluru

There’s much need for people to recognise domestic violence as a really serious and urgent issue. Really happy and proud to back your cause.


Dino Cerasani


Jayashree Thakur

Way to make a difference in life Partha!





Well done Partha


Joshua Mckenzie

Nice work Partha!


Rajesh Roopchandani