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My target 110 kms

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

In Australia on average 110 people die from Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) every year.

I’m participating in Darkness to Daylight (D2D) - a 110km run - where each kilometre represents one of those lives lost. It’s a long distance, it’s physically and mentally demanding but knowing the funds raised go towards DFV prevention makes it all worth it.

I would very much appreciate your support because together we can end domestic and family violence.


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It’s time to look at what’s really happening

Monday 12th Apr
“It's dark and it's cold. You are isolated. You are alone. You struggle against the fear that starts in the pit of your stomach and spreads across your chest, down to your feet until it takes over your entire body. Your mind is racing so fast you do not notice you are holding your breathe or your pounding heart. The fear takes over, and the darkness engulfs you. Then a beam of light streams through the darkness. A glimmer of hope, and you feel a little less alone.” It’s a very scary place to be. Having the support network to help you is life saving. We each can make a little difference in our own way to try and create a better place to live 💓

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Lisa And Robert

Great effort for a most important cause, darling Nicky!


Laura And Roger

Well done Nicky. Good work walking all that way and a very important cause too.





Proud of you my lovely friend xxx



Love your work Nicky 💞 And you’re amazing sharing your strength for others in need x


Jane R

Go Nicki, you're smashing it!!!


Craig Tobin

Work those thighs my love!


Brenda Kelly

You go Nicky - with you in spirit xxx