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In Australia on average 110 people die from Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) every year.

I’m participating in Darkness to Daylight (D2D) - a 110km run - where each kilometre represents one of those lives lost. It’s a long distance, it’s physically and mentally demanding but knowing the funds raised go towards DFV prevention makes it all worth it.

I would very much appreciate your support because together we can end domestic and family violence.

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Wednesday 31st Mar

Domestic Violence is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today. More awareness and understanding is required to reduce and eliminate unnecessary harm and death by this silent killer. Behaviours need to change as does ignorance and acceptance of this.

If you witness or suspect domestic violence is happening report it and refuse to accept or ignore it. It is the only way this crisis is going to stop.

Don't turn your back to this terrible scourge that is harming too many.

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