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So it's day 15, I've got 68kms and only another 42kms to go... a marathon! I'm stoked with how well I started and even though my body is slowing down and much more sore than I'm used to... I'll keep going. I'd like to get go the 110km by the 26th (maybe earlier) - let's see how hard I can push myself.

It's really important to have the conversation too about DFV - the stats are crazy sad... whilst men can experience domestic violence, the reality is women are much more likely to experience it. With two girls, it's imperative that we raise them to understand what isn't ok, why it isn't ok and how they can protect themselves as best as they can.

My why - a jumble of thoughts about what I know of DFV.

Over the last few years I have met some incredibly strong women who have been victims of DFV. 

Some of these women also have children who have also been abused.
And it blows my mind, that anyone could do this to another person. 

The stories you hear in the news of women and children being murdered by ex or current partners blows my mind.

And it's not just women and children. Men can also experience DFV. While less often, it doesn't make it less important to discuss. I have a friend who experienced bullying, emotional abuse and financial abuse from his wife. 

So what can you do? There are so many resources at your finger tips to provide to someone who needs help.  But maybe the biggest initial help is being approachable, listening without judgement and checking in on friends, family and colleagues when something just doesn't seem quite right.

I hope I can make some kind of a different to even just one person and raise enough money to help ACEOC to continue working to make big changes with DFV.

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

Every 1km in the 110km challenge represents on average a woman, child or man's life lost to Domestic and Family Violence. Together we are running through the night to bring Domestic and Family Violence out of the Darkness and into the Daylight.

With your support we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Domestic and Family Violence, and help end the cycle of violence.

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Trix Burgess

You go girl!


Tabbitha Schekoske

Hi darling, A donation to all the strong, courageous people effected by DV - it’s never acceptable nor should be tolerated!! xx


Beverley Mcpherson

You go girl!


Lynda Schekoske And Ian Ryan

Great steps towards a community free of domestic violence. Well done Marina. xxoo


Eduina Ede

So proud of you for supporting a worthy cause. Xx




Janet Muscat

Good on you Marina, I know its difficult for you to find extra time in your day


Narica Chappel

Go you!


Heather Kassulke

Great job Marina. Every step you take will make you feel proud of your achievement.


Emma Martonhelyi


Kylie Robertson


Amy Madden



What an important cause marina awesome work!!! Xx

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