Thanks for visiting our fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

Please help the LINK team, as we raise money to support the victims of family and domestic violence. 

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Shayne Buckler

Get it gurl!


Rhonda Burton


Taylor Speedy

Rip big dog


Tom Rossell

Nice one Elle!


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Joe Harper

Doing great things Elle!


Zac Green

Get after it big dog.



Darkness is a light waiting to be switched on.


Jodie Horan

Such a great cause, good luck x



Great cause Huggy - congratulations!




Jane Sweeney

Great challenge


Mila Green

Good luck only 4.42k a day to go


Michael Green


Dante Garcia


Karen Mills

Let be your work ❤️


Sarah Sweeney

Good lucky :)


Nienke En Gijs

Goed bezig Lotte!


Samara Vanderheyden

You got this!



All donations count. Even the smallest ones. Everyone, please donate what you can effort. Let's empower positive change!


Carol Dean

From Carol Dean


Erin Sullivan

Get it!


Aunty M



Very important cause but donating mostly because of that bloody excellent profile pic 😂😂