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1 half marathon per day for October - let's get uncomfortable!

So I am not a big blogger, or for that matter any sort of blogger, so feel free to give me tips (and tips! which is a big part of the whole idea really). My aim is to try to do one half marathon each day, consecutively for each of the 31 days in October. The idea is to get uncomfortable - there is no point in doing something in which we stay in our comfort zones. Big shifts have to happen if we are to stamp violence out period. Doing this; every single step counts and the more steps we collectively take in the right direction, the more SHIFT we will get. Good luck everyone and thank you for the opportunity to do something.

Day 1 - 24 kms with Martyn - thanks mate, what a beautiful day to walk or run., ride or hop!  Hope everyone else gets out there on day one!

Day 2 - 21.2kms with Joe - thanks Joe, and I will try to upload our photo. There it is Joe is the one in the blue top!  I really appreciated the Dornoch Terrace hill, gee glad we did that! Another cracking morning of sunshine state weather, good to see plenty of others out there making the best of it before work. On a safety note, I was almost home (after we parted Joe) and I saw a cyclist get knocked by a car turning right at an intersection into Sir Fred Schonnell (spell?) Drive. I helped Julian (my newest buddy) up and he was grazed and a little shaky, his back wheel the only thing that looked broken thankfully, but it goes to show how careful we all need to be when we are in the car and to look out for cyclists and pedestrians (and dawdling runners like me), on momentary lapse and there can be serious consequences.

Day 3 - 21.5 kms mmm another fantastic morning, with my trusty headphones and some eighties. No time for extra k's today, heading up to Miaila NP to person a checkpoint on the Brisbane Trail Ultra miler, and resting up for the BTU 30 tomorrow, which will be a little hillier than what I have been running these flatish halves on to date. Hope everyone is going well and getting those steps up!

Day 4 - 30 kms - this day (Sunday) was the BTU 30 (Brisbane Trail Ultra). and I ran/walked it with 250 odd others.  Definitely hillier than my river flats! A little over 3 hours and I am a happy soul. Tomorrow will be a bit tougher my legs will sure to be tired.

Day 5 - 21.1 kms, no longer than necessary today to get the job done. Definitely tired legs today. But then merely tired legs are nothing are they? This is what getting uncomfortable, for me is about. They will get more tired as the days wear on, and with luck and caution and persistence we will get there in 26 days' time.  

Day 6 - 21.12 kms with Marty, thank you again mate. Today Marty took me on a tour around the Roma Street Parklands before hearing through Kelvin Grove Village and back to the Regatta. Quite a surreal run through a light rain shower enough to show a rainbow. A small gift for those of us up early enough to witness it. The strong smell of the rain mixing with the dust on the ground again just a free gift. I also appreciated the network of pathways we have to run off the roadways, there are so many, if you know where to go (or in my case having my own guide!). I was listening Marty - something about collecting cricket almanacs???

Day 7 - 21.11 kms - again no extra Ks here!. I took a run (really) on my own (no music) (and headed around UQ, over the Green Bridge and down into Fairfield, just running up random streets, unwittingly on Strava I roughly drew a dogs head - have you heard of "Strava Art" , this category of art really is interpretative!  Lots of pushbikes, I reckon more than a thousand out doing the famous river loop. One full week down - Wahoo.

Day 8 - 21.18kms - with Joe, thanks mate. Another beautiful run along the river, even our brown Brisbane river looks good early in the morning. Funny that the length of our running conversations seems inversely proportional to the time on our feet! We did manage to talk some business and kids sports.

Day 9 -21.18kms - with Sarah many thanks for leading me around. Again a lot of people out and about, I wonder how many are doing D2D? Good to get it done early again, heating up. What a luxury it is to now come to work and sit down in aircon! indeed it is a luxury but one that many of us take for granted. Happy Friday everyone! looking forward to a couple of mini-sleep-ins over the weekend.

Day 10 - 21.13kms - Double figures! Run (for the most of it) with Marty and Chewy (Poodle / Retriever cross? and see picture) thank you both and keeping it as flat as possible but over a couple of bridges, including the William Jolly Bridge (Gray St) which I generally don't run over, down Riverside Drive past Davies Park and back. 

Day 11 - 21.11kms - out and back to the end of the floating walkway at Howard Smith Wharves with our youngest daughter Belle who rode her bike, this was the quickest run so far at 1:42 even though Belle had to keep slowing down for me. Nice to see Marty, Rhonda and Chewy and Annie out for a morning walk, along with the hundreds of River Run Runners - good job to you guys! It is absolutely fabulous how much we can walk run or ride right beside the river, as Marty said it would have to rival some of the best run-ways in the world and I agree. We ended at the Regatta where Belle had the biggest iced chocolate she had had her life and finished it! Well done.

Day 12 - 21.35kms with Joe (again) thanks Mate around the Tennyson River Loop - a nice change - past all of the beautiful houses, before a quick lap around UQ including the Great Court - which was pretty deserted at that hour. Legs starting to feel a little heavy, but it sure helps when you have someone to talk to along the way. Four more runs until I treat myself to a sports massage, not counting though. I have been looking at all of the donations that you guys have been making - and I will respond to all those I can individually, but for now a huge thank you on behalf of this extremely worthy cause. We are really grateful, thank you.

Day 13 - 21kms no blog :(

Day 14 - 21.15kms - a little bit of rain to settle the dust, but not too much, I don't like running in the rain! Talk about first world problem. Today's run was the least comfortable I have had yet, and it was more of a plod than a jog, let alone run. Good thinking time. Appreciate the water points along the way. Appreciate the Roma Street Parklands too, went to the Spectacle Garden inside the parklands - who has heard of that? Fantastically pretty and worth a stop. Thanks to all of you who have assisted through running with me or donating. Your generosity is amazing, I know there are many things competing for your funds. Our whole DES team is doing wonderful - well done to you guys too. Out.

Day 15 - 21.13kms another slow day 5.56min / km or 10kmh. But I got there.

Day 16 - 21.26kms with Marty and Chewy for most of the way, thank you! Nice leafy Bardon/Ashgrove out n back. 

Day 17 - 21.12kms at 5.34mins/km - a bit quicker than if have been for the last few. Very strange how the body works, average heart rate at 147 bpm. The good news at the half way point. Feeling more confident I will get there!

Day 18 - 23kms with my daughter Felicity. We enjoyed a sleep in so didn't start until a little after 7am (it being a Sunday and all), so it did get a little warm, even for around the river, up just past the usual turnaround at Howard Smith Wharves - geez it will be nice to actually stop there one day and have a beer and look out over the river. That might be my little personal reward if I make the 31. We did enjoy a coffee from the Regatta on the way home though (along with the 100 other people that were there).

Day 19 - 21.12km, bit snappier trot with Joe (thank you) at 5.09min/km, average heart rate at 126 bpm but we kept it almost dead flat with a start a little before 4.30am so it was absolutely wonderful, particularly given the rain stopped about half an hour before we started. Body holding together well and a niggly calf seems to have been addressed thank you to Dora's stocking!

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page for the Darkness to Daylight Challenge!

Every 1km in the 110km challenge represents on average a woman, child or man's life lost to Domestic and Family Violence. Together we are running through the night to bring Domestic and Family Violence out of the Darkness and into the Daylight.

With your support we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Domestic and Family Violence, and help end the cycle of violence.

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Dora Beckett

Inspiring and great initiative Adam. Good luck and remember to do those stretches every day


Darren Basford

Great challenge that you've set yourself Adam for a great cause - hopefully join you for a couple of halves. Cheers Darren & Sarah


Samuel Dawes

Run hard mate- great initiative!


Ben Klaassen

Great effort Adam #runadamrun


Annie Ireland

You are amazing!


Cora Lau

your passion shows in your support for this cause. You're very inspiring Adam


Bettina Daunt


Kamilla Wyeth

Inspiring. Go Adam!


John De Campo

"The road to disappointment is paved with good intentions" -- does not apply to you!!!


Matt Harris

Why not the full marathon? Well done Adam




Adam Cradick


Traci Booker


Liz Clarke

Great work, Adam! Such a worthy cause.


Grant Phelan


Sue Gregory

Smash it Cradick. 9 down...22 to go !!!!


Liz Turner

Keep up the good work Adam!


Denise Henderson

Awesome job


Fiona Wright



Angela Foster

Inspiring - good on you!


Kate Grayson

Good cause, great inspiration. Nice work Adam.


Toni Skelly

Great work Adam. You are inspirational.


Dana Mays

Go Adam!!!


Dianne Maclean

Leadership is what you do not what you're setting a fine example Adam...good luck, Dianne




Karen Thomsen

Thank you for being a beacon of light. Thank you for helping make a difference.


Kate Ross

Your efforts are motivating and exhausting!