Tess' story

25 May 2022

Tess is part of the Queensland Government's Department of Transport and Main Roads, one of our major sponsors for Darkness to Daylight.

A domestic violence survivor and passionate advocate for the prevention of gendered violence and violence against women, Tess believes providing education and training is key to safer workplaces and communities. She has been working with Challenge DV as a  workplace facilitator and is a long-term supporter of Darkness to Daylight. 

Thanks for sharing your story about your involvement Tess! Read more below... 


As a survivor of domestic and family violence (DFV), I am passionate about doing all I can to change the ending for those currently suffering in silence.

Bringing the issue of DFV into the light is crucial. It shows that as a society we stand united against violence of any kind, most especially against women and children. It also helps raise awareness and much-needed funds for vital support services for people needing refuge and the tools to safely move forward with their lives.

That's why I've been participating in Darkness to Daylight since 2017. It's a powerful, highly visual campaign that draws people together from all different backgrounds and walks of life. You don't have to be impacted by DFV to take part – just passionate about ensuring a safe and respectful society for everyone.

I've raised a few thousand dollars over my time and am keen to continue – each dollar goes toward making the world a safer, better place.

Talking about my own DFV experience can be very uncomfortable and confronting. However, I believe sharing my story may encourage others to disclose what they might be experiencing behind closed doors. If my courage changes the ending for one person or family in need, then it's been worth it.

From left: Tracy O'Bryan, Sarah Ferris and Tess Raby