Who is ACEOC?

Australia’s CEO Challenge (ACEOC) is a recognised not for profit that partners with workplaces to end the epidemic of domestic and family violence (DFV) in the community

For 20 years, ACEOC has been challenging CEOs and leaders to play their part in breaking the silence and bringing DFV into the light. Two out of three people experiencing DFV are employed.

Workplaces therefore are powerful places of meaningful support and social change.

ACEOC promotes DFV prevention and awareness in the workplace by partnering with businesses of all sizes, to ensure they are able to be aware and responsive to DFV, ensuring greater support for their staff who are personally affected, and improving overall community awareness and understanding.

ACEOC works with the Australian business sector to support frontline DFV services through its well-established partnerships program. We have partnerships with DFV refuges, outreach services and men’s behaviour change programs and provide pathways for direct fundraising, donations and volunteering.

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